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Five Thin Slices of Truth

Book CoverAbout the Book.

Five Thin Slices of Truth is a compilation of five independent stories. The stories subject matter range from deception and denial to patriotism and psycho-dramatic sabotage.  Adolphus artfully incorporates and intertwines various genres such as drama, poetry-like metaphors, suspense, and dark comedy. Content on sexuality and spirituality are also freely and heavily incorporated, however, the subject matter meshes perfectly with the plots and events. 

In Me and My House, Tyler Dalton is tired of being labeled the preacher’s kid and feeling alienated by his parents. He and his friends challenge their parents' spirituality and put their faith to the test when they make shocking confessions. 

Chauncey Dawson’s self-inflicted deceit and lies catch up with him. The consequences of denying himself pay him a visit and he suffers physically and mentally in Before the Morning After.

After committing sabotage on two media conglomerates, Roymon Bivenz soliloquizes to the world that Black suppression justified his actions. Is it ingenious or is he a madman?  Journalist Me’Shella Owens is unsure how to classify him.  She discovers his psycho-dramatic ranting is a guise to deceive the world and a ploy to get next to her in The Rant of Roymon Bivenz

In Purple Hurt, we find that Private Jason Delgotti has been fighting for his life long before he stepped his beige boots in Iraq. As a child, he admired the United States Army and refused to let his sexuality prevent him from serving.  Conflict with peers, a broken relationship, and painful reflections of an ungrateful father all challenge his inner strength and resolve. The test of his courage and commitment came in a deadly battle in the Karbala Province.  Acting as a combat medic, Delgotti attempts to save his comrades’ lives. Through the bloodshed and coming under fire, Delgotti finds courage that he has never known.  With a renewed sense of patriotism, brotherhood, and liberation, the life that Jason ultimately saved was his own.    
Womanizing, social drug using, self-center, middle-school teacher Xavion Furlough refuses to commit to anyone or anything in Angel on a Fire. His world becomes less than angelical when LeJeremiah, a former student, abruptly comes back into his life as his foster son.  While LeJeremiah is being a typical teenager with issues, the teacher-student roles are unexpectedly reversed. Through events that unfold, Xavion learns that life doesn't just evolve around him.