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San Antonio Current Critic's Pick

Local Author Adolphus Herndon will launch his first published book,
Five Thin Slices of Truth. He will read excerpts as well as hold a
discussion about the real-life controversial issues such as sexuality,
faith and self identity that he writes about in his book

Critic's Pick

Adolphus Herndon will read from his short-story collection, Five Thin Slices
of Truth, Thursday night at Candlelight. Herndon, an East Texas native
and South Texas resident, marks his literary debut with the collection,
which addresses some timely and some timeless stuff. On Herndon’s
roster of fictive concerns are the frustrations of preacher’s kids; African-
American mores, theory, and media; a heroic and conflicted queer combat
medic in Iraq; and foster parenting. With character names such as
Roymon Bivenz, Me’Shella Owens, and Xavion Furlough, we can already
sense music in his text. 7-10pm Dec 18, 3011 N. St. Mary’s, — Sarah Fisch