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Frequently Asked Questions

The Creation of Adolphus Herndon

Age 38
Born: April, 1971
Current Occupation: Publishing, promoting and selling novel
Current Dwelling: South Central Texas
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Author: Walter Mosley
Source of Inspiration: Faith in GOD, Prayer, Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich, and Rhonda Byrnes’s The Secret, and that little voice within me that attempts to tell me I can’t do it.
Pet Peeve: anything Negative

Why did you write this book?

Why isn't a nice-looking guy like you married?

Oh, so you are a player, a Playboy?

So why did you write a compilation of stories as your debut book?  Why not just write a novel?

So, who is your targeted audience?

Why did you write this book? 
Oh, I have several answers for that. First, I have a crazy but illustrative imagination.  I can take a small statement someone may say and turn it into some crazy story.  I’ve done it several times and the once I’m  done the result is a lifeless grimace before me, basically non-verbally telling me that I’m crazy.  When whomever I’ve freaked out do finally say something, I consider it both a compliment and a challenge when they say, “You should write a book or something.”

Why isn’t a nice-looking guy like you married?  You know, I’ve heard on several occasions that some said that marriage is not about love, it’s about a committed decision.  Well, being a single guy, at first I had a hard time grasping the essence of that meaning.  Well, I do believe that only after a couple has been together for a while and the initial love has changed, then he {they} start to look more like a loyal and familiarity-type  relationship than about loved.  Nothing’s wrong with that.  In fact I think it’s cool.  But for me, I have not found the one to love that I can graduate to the levels of commitment.     

Oh, so you are a player, a Playboy?  (laugh) oh no, but I’m a proud nerd. Any person who may be interested in me will find me in a coffee shop or a bookstore either reading or writing for hours. I’m committed to “nerdism.” (chuckle) Back to top

So why did you write a compilation of stories as your debut book?  Why not just write a novel?  A stupid fear.  Fear of being pigeon-holed, categorized.  Fear of being called a sexuality writer.

You see, Five Thin Slices of Truth was not supposed to be my debut book.  I was working diligently on the novel in which I will publish maybe next year or the year after next.  Anyway, I believe it was June 2008 when I was working on that other novel and I was at its zenith when I could have sworn that I heard this voice  say, “You need to stop because you are too involved and too emotional to put this work out now.” Now of course at first I was trippin’ thinking, “Am I cracking up?”  I mean, you got to understand, it has taken me a year and a half just get 75% of the first draft to that pivotal moment. I was cruising away until I became mentally paralyze and had a psychosomatic stroke in my fingers.  So much ran through my head, like, “I want to be a writer.  Does this mean I can’t write?  What is it about this book that I cannot continue?  Is it that good, bad, or even controversial?”  And on and on.   But if I had to find it, it had to be the dominance of fear. Fear that I would be crucified for writing a novel that was drenched in taboo sexuality in a setting that does everything to shun and frown heavily upon such behavior.  I was afraid that the critics would probably use the excuse that I was too new to the game of writing therefore I had written a messy and explicit novel.  In other words, killing two birds with one criticism:  criticizing the author equates to criticizing the work which in turns removes the focus from the book altogether and any consideration of its content.  I was trying to  prevent what Job claimed in 3:25,  He stated that his greatest fears came upon him.

But fear would not rule.  I conquered it and I felt now that it was the best decision.  I had dibbled and dabbled a bit with four of the stories presented in Five Thin Slices of Truth, but they were incomplete and very rough.  As a matter of fact, one of the four stories did not make it, but I may publish it in a later edition or solo as a stand-alone novella or novelette.  You see, although each of the five stories are independent of one another, still I felt it important to bring together good coordination and literary synergy.  Anyway, this felt like the right thing to do.  No little voice came back to me and refuted it, nor did I have a sudden case of carpal tunnel.  So, I knew that I wasn’t cracking up.Back to top

So, who is your targeted audience?  Is it Blacks, people with identity issues, perverts, sexual deviants?   
Yes, yes yes, yes, yes, (laughs). And all the ones that you haven’t mentioned such as those who just enjoy good, outside-of-whatever-box fiction.  I enjoy reading fiction, and I noticed that my life, my imagination, and my limited experience is somewhat unusual.  As painstaking and difficult as it may be (esp. dealing with critics that must categorize and classify), I enjoy bringing these stories to life.