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New collection of short stories explores controversies and dilemmas in modern life.

The five short stories in Five Thin Slices of Truth: Author’s Special Edition by Adolphus Herndon examine spirituality, racism, patriotism and identity.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas–Adolphus Herndon makes his literary debut with three short stories plus two novellas to create his first book entitled, Five Thin Slices of Truth.  The paperback is spawned from controversial real-life issues such as sexuality, religious dogma and faith, psychotic behavior, and issues dealing with self, and patriotism.
Five Thin Slices of Truth: Author’s Special Edition is available for sale online at and other channels. 
About The Book
1st Story- Me & My House
Tyler Dalton is tired of being the neglected preacher’s kid.  He and his friends test their parents' spirituality and faith with a shocking confession of sexuality.  As Tyler prepares for his father’s rebuttal, the events that take place are not what he expected as the stern minister steps out of character. 
Me & My House may be a bitter “communion” to swallow, however, this is not just a parable to Christians.  Using the best attention-getter ever desired—sex, it challenges one to think about their belief in their spiritual deity in relationship to their religious obligations.  Although short, this story basically opens the pearly flood gates to ask who’s really god in one’s life?

2nd Story-Before the Morning After
Chauncey Dawson’s self-inflicted deceit catches up with him when he denies acceptance of his identity and puts his relationship with the beautiful Grier Swanson in jeopardy.  Tempers flare, violence erupts and more revelations are revealed as the consequences of his denial pay him a painful visit.    
Who Are You?  The result of violating the Law of You is self-destruction.  Before the Morning After exposes every man who dons masks to deny their assigned sexual identity for the sake of fulfilling roles and responsibilities to society, family, and friends.  Perhaps the best masquerade revealed from this story is that most men’s sexuality is not like a light switch.  Further discovery will reveal happiness, inner joy and peace, and others who are wearing masks!

3rd Story-The Rant of Roymon Bivenz
Journalist Me’Shella Owens is caught between the reality of the devastation and the fascination of Roymon Bivenz.  After committing sabotage on two of the most prominent news media conglomerates, Roymon takes control of the airwaves.  He rants and raves about race, politics, and economics all under the umbrella of Black suppression.  Not only does Me’Shella discover the identity of the psychopath, but she also discovers the hypocrisy of his ranting and the object of his obsession—her.   
The playbill is stereotypes.   The Rant of Roymon Bivens is all about prejudging and forming opinions based on race, personal biases, and propaganda.  Even though Roymon Bivens is a live-wire, on a virtual stage, and has given himself a platform to be melodramatic, the spotlight is not solely on him or his issues.  Nevertheless,  before the curtains are drawn,  the unexpected twists will cause even the reader to question his own prejudices.

4th Story, 1st Novella-Purple Hurt
Private Jason Delgotti has been fighting for his life long before he stepped into Iraq.  Searching for something he’s never had from his father, but fulfilling a strong desire to serve, he refuses to let his sexuality prevent him from enlisting in the Army.  He endures sexual harassment, discrimination and physical abuse from his comrades when allegations about his sexuality circulate.  A deadly attack near Karbala forces Delgotti to prove his loyalty, worth, and combat-effectiveness.  He learns that his fight for self-identity and acceptance coincides with the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and patriotism.
This story’s bottom line is that Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, doesn’t matter.  One’s sexuality does no, should not prohibit service in the military, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the discipline, good order, morale and strength of the Armed Forces of the United States.  Even more, this story goes beyond sexual orientation.  It highlights bravery, patriotism and overcoming personal issues.   Before the knot it tied in the yellow ribbon, this story ends with the most unlikely Soldier, coming full circle about himself and his life’s purpose. 

5th Story, 2nd Novella- Angel on a Fire
Womanizing, social drug using, middle-school teacher Xavion Furlough’s self-centered world turns upside down when a former student, LeJeremiah Alexander, abruptly comes back into his life as his foster son.  The high and confused Xavion struggles with the idea of having someone else inside his private world.  A kilo of poetic justice is served as the teacher-student roles are ultimately reversed and Xavion learns that life does not revolve around him.
When it is not necessary, why would anyone want to become owners of a lonely life?  Angel on a Fire moralize that we all need something beyond ourselves.  When, however, it is not the human factor to penetrate our heart’s walls, then discontent and superficial relationships will invade the four chambers.  Just like the lead character, one may turn to  using drugs, sex, or people to “feel” them up.  In this story, something as simple as child’s mere presence can shake an adult’s world.  Their existence can remind us that we were once innocent, open to love, and naïve philanthropic beings.  

About the Author
Born and raised in northeast Texas, Adolphus Herndon’s spent many years of his life doing nothing but surviving day to day.  After many years of working mediocre jobs and becoming frustrated with himself, he finally conquered his self-inflicted fears and succumbed to fulfilling his life-long passion (and destiny) to become to writer.  Five Thin Slices of Truth is his first published book.  Download PDF version
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ISBN# 9781449571672
Five Thin Slices of Truth, Author’s Special Edition
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